How to Make a Reservation
Our Reservation Procedure as below;
Please follow these steps to make a reservation when you have received information and prices from us by e-mail and are ready to book your Turkey Tours

To make a reservation,
a) You can transfer the payment to our bank account. Please see the details.
b) You can pay online. Visa or MasterCard credit cards are accepted. American Express or Debit Cards not accepted.

Bookings Made
Once we receive your credit card booking form,bank transfer or online payment we will proceed with all the necessary reservations. If any changes are needed at this stage, for example due to changes in availability, we will ask for your approval by email first. Once everything is confirmed, a required deposit or full payment will be billed as indicated on the booking form.

E-mail Confirmation
With all the reservations are completed, we will e-mail you confirmation of the services booked including confirmed itinerary, final schedule, necessary travel documents, pick up details and our 24/7 contact information. The remaining balance will not be billed until the date indicated in the booking form.
* Please note that no reservations can be made until we have received payment. Full confirmation of your reservations will be sent by e-mail as in step 3.